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Daddy Bob was my Great Grandfather. He lived in Inverness, Mississippi, right in the middle of the Delta, and owned the local appliance store. On his downtime, he transformed decommissioned refrigerators into barbeque smokers and simply said, he was known around town as the "Barbeque Man".




This passion for Barbeque was passed on to my Grandfather, my Dad, and then to me.


My dad is a Master Judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society and I have followed along in his footsteps by obtaining my judging certification for the Memphis Barbeque Network. The love and passion for barbeque they passed down and instilled in me, inspired me to bring The Triangle some of the best Barbeque North Carolina has to offer!



We began as a food truck in 2015, opened a brick and mortar location in 2019 in Angier, and closed both in 2022 to expand our sauce retail line.

We now offer the best NC BBQ sauce to you to bring the Daddy Bob's Barbeque tradition alive in your own home.





Some of my fondest memories about growing up are of my Dad and his buddies cooking the most amazing and delicious barbeque at our neighborhood gatherings on their enormous whole hog cooker in Greensboro, NC.

I remember getting an early morning start, watching the smoke rise, as they listened to AC/DC making new sauces and most importantly, having a great time. I will never forget those days and cherish them as some of the best of my life.


I am not your traditional Chef that went to culinary school. I have earned all of my titles through hard work and commitment. Working in the food industry for over 15 years, I can truly say this is what I love to do. Everything I have learned and been taught over the years has prepared for my newest venture, Daddy Bob’s Barbeque.






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